The Waterbird Society Annual Meeting 2023

Meeting Etiquette

Welcome to the 2023 meeting of the Waterbird Society! Our Society is committed to making all attendees feel welcome and fully included. The following guidelines for attendees are provided to help ensure that our meeting is open and accessible to all.

Code of conduct: Everyone participating in events sponsored by the Waterbird Society has the right to be free from discrimination, bullying, unlawful harassment, sexual misconduct, and violence. The general conduct policy of the Waterbird Society, which applies to all interactions including virtual meetings, can be found at (click on Waterbird Society Conduct Policy). Violations of this policy can be reported to Liz Craig ( or John Anderson (

Social media: The Waterbird Society and individual attendees may use social media to publicize the conference and presentations. Please include a "no-tweet" symbol if you do not want the contents of a slide to be shared over social media.

Presentation accessibility: Bear in mind that your audience may include members with disabilities or whose first language is not English. To maximize visual accessibility of your presentations, check your colors and formatting with PowerPoint's built-in Accessibility Checker or programs such as Coblis ( For additional guidelines on accessible presentations, please see

Pronouns: If you are comfortable doing so, you can provide your preferred pronouns (e.g., she/her/hers, they/them/ theirs) in your Dryfta biography. For more information how to use preferred pronouns and why providing them is encouraged, please see

For more on how to use inclusive language when speaking to others, please see

Land acknowledgements: We encourage attendees to include an acknowledgement of the indigenous tribes on whose traditional lands they live and work. This is an important step toward normalizing discussion of how settlers profit from the past and present mistreatment of indigenous peoples. This map provides a starting point for researching the history of North American lands:

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